Sansa Arabell-Flower Preservation

$175.00 $150.00

Metal type: Sterling silver
Overall length: 7″
Clasp type: Toggle

Peaceful Preservations


This sterling silver toggle bracelet features eight beaded, rope-edge bezels, four 10mm round and four 14 x 10mm oval.The back of each of the bezels is stamped “Purity,” “Promise” or “Good Fortune.” The bracelet is oxidized to highlight its detail. Every piece of my handmade family heirloom jewelry is made with .925 sterling silver, your flowers, grass, leaves or plants, pride, and love. I can use flowers you picked from you garden today and flowers you found pressed in your family bible from years ago. Although I can not use the stem from your flower or plant I can uses the petals and leaves. I can mix up to 3 colors and mediums to your special keepsake to give it more dimension and uniqueness that is one of a kind.
If you are sending dried flower petals please leave me a message in the message box at checkout, describing to me what color the petals were. The flowersed using in the the clear beads will be the color you send. I can not add color to these. After your product had been completed, I anoint each piece in a special customized oil to enhance the love the love that went into creating this special keepsake. It is then hand wrapped in handmade wrapping paper and tied with hand dyed Sari Silk. With a finishing touch of lavender to bring you piece and joy.

*Every Flower sent must have directions and a copy of the order form so your flowers can be tagged appropriately. *


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