Lapis Lazuli- Preservation

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18″ Sterling Silver Chain

Peaceful Preservation



​Stone: Lapis Lazuli- Dark blue with flecks of gold that look like stars in the nights sky. AA-Grade
Metal: Sterling Silver

I wanted to create a piece that represents companion, promotes honesty and inner truth.. The results were the Lapis Lazuli Pendant.

Lapis Lazuli has a very rich and colorful history dating back to the 7th millennium BC.

Just 1000 years ago at the edge of Europe in the Venetian Lagoon, Across these waters sailed merchants from the east who were hungry for Venetian Gold and in exchange they brought a mysterious cargo.

It was a rare almost mystical substance that could only be found in 1 tiny mine on the far side of what is now Afghanistan and in order to get it to venice, it had traveled some 3 1/2K miles across mt. ranges, deserts, and finally across the Mediterranean sea.

What Arab sailors had brought was a precious stone called Lapis Lazuli.

This stones color was so enchanting that it would change art in dramatic ways.

The color blue had never really existed in western art. The artist of Venice couldn’t wait to get there hands on the wonderful pigment of Lapis Lazuli. However to extract this pigment was very extensive work and would take up to 2 weeks or longer for just a small amount making its value at one time worth more than gold.

My favorite area of history with this particular stone dates back to the Neolithic ages. Where its uses were for jewelry, statues, weapons, and magical amulets.

Cleopatra knew of its beauty and had heard of its ability to give wisdom to those who possess it. She claimed exclusive rights to the stone, wore it as make up and inlaid entire walls of her palace with it. Making this precious stone the universal symbol of wisdom and truth.

My hope for this bracelt is when one is wearing it, it is a reminder to alway show compasion not only to others but to ones self, always search for inner truth and never stop searching for wisdom.




Chain Size

16″, 18″, 24″


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