Donna-Flower Preservation


Standard 18″ high quality sterling silver chain imported in from Italy
Sterling silver Donna pendant
Dimensions 34.8 X 22.8
Requires 2-3 Petals

Peaceful Preservation




The Tree Of Life

Each man is as a tree, created by God,
Unique as it reaches to the heavens above.
For, the tree of life, it blossoms, it grows,
From its roots to the heavens, its majesty shows.

The tree of life, kept strong as it grew,
Shed the old, and began to renew.
With Christ as its roots, that we do not see,
Providing the strength, for each special tree.

With rings of age, trial hidden within – sturdy it stays.
Through life’s stormy days – gently it sways.
Its bark is a shield, to weather the strife,
But, it is the blood that gives precious life.

And, if its trunk grows crooked – may it not fall,
As it searches for heaven – and tries to stand tall.
For, the tree of life, its branches span wide,
Though the tree can be hurt, by those at its side.

But, a broken branch, like a broken heart,
Can make the tree stronger, though it’s ripped apart.

Left alone, it can wither, and most surely die,
As tears, from heaven, rain down – in great cry.
But, cared for, it grows – still mighty and strong,
Its fruits can be many, though its life not long.

For, from a single tree, fruit and seed come in plenty,
Food… shelter…air… soil fertility – so abundantly.
And, though the tree can be cut, shoots continue to sprout,
For, the tree of life can not be put out!

And when the time comes, its wood will burn bright,
For, the tree of life gives warmth and eternal light.
And if lightning strikes, and life on Earth stops,
I’ll reap what I’ve sown as seeds for my crops.

For, the tree of life, it blossoms, it grows,
From its roots to the heavens, it majesty shows.
Yes, each tree is special, for it is true,
That Christ died on the tree –
For me – and for you!

By: Jeanne A. Brohart

Every piece of my handmade family heirloom jewelry is made with .925 sterling silver, your flowers, grass, leaves or plants, pride, and love. I can use flowers you picked from you garden today and flowers you found pressed in your family bible from years ago. Although I can not use the stem from your flower or plant I can uses the petals and leaves. I can mix up to 3 colors and mediums to your special keepsake to give it more dimension and uniqueness that is one of a kind.

If you are sending dried flower petals please leave me a message in the message box at checkout, describing to me what color the petals were. I use a compound that that took me year to make the recipe for and it can be tinted to bring back the original color of your keepsake. After your product had been completed, I anoint each piece in a special customized oil to enhance the love the love that went into creating this special keepsake. It is then hand wrapped in handmade wrapping paper and tied with hand dyed Sari Silk. With a finishing touch of lavender to bring you piece and joy.

Chain Size

16″, 18″, 24″


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