Chakra Kit

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Chakra Boot Camp

Get ready to immurse yourself as we work our way through all of our Chakras. Throughout the 9 course classes I will teach you about cleansing, balancing, and activating each chakra and few of the unknown Chakras. I will be teaching you how to preform an at home crystal healing treatment each month for each Chakra. You will learn the use and benefit of sound vibration and how certain foods can help activate or slow down an overactive chakra. We will be learning new mantras and meditations each class for each chakra.

What is included in this kit:

I incorporate stones and crystals mined from all over the world to help enhance and balance your Chakras.
– 7 Chakra Crystals inlaid with copper
-1 Large Pieces of Black Kyanite (for those taking the class)
-2 Pieces of Blue Kyanite

– 1 Quartz point ( for those taking the class)

– 1 Pyrite Cube (for those taking the class)

-Class Booklets with all the information from class included in them (included with ticket purchase AND kit).


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