Casted Flower/Leaf Petal


The Flower
Sterling silver
Sterling silver 18″ chain imported from Italy
Requires 2-3 petals

Peaceful Preservation



Every piece of my handmade family heirloom jewelry is made with your flowers, grass, leaves, pride, and love. I can use flowers you picked from your garden today,  a wedding, funeral, or flowers you found pressed in your family bible from years ago.


Every flower, and nature piece is a one of a kind like a finger print. Once casted it preserves your keepsake forever showing every detail down to the vein. The casting process is very delicate process that does take time in order to preserve every detail.

If you are sending dried flower petals please note that the shape they are in now is how they will stay.

Once the casting process is finished, it is sealed and a small pearl is added for a classy pop of color.

After your product had been completed, I anoint each piece in a special customized oil to enhance the love the love that went into creating this special keepsake. It is then hand wrapped in handmade wrapping paper and tied with hand dyed Sari Silk. With a finishing touch of lavender to bring you piece and joy.

Chain Size

16″, 18″, 24″, 30″


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