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Astrology 101

Get ready to immerse yourself as we work our way around the wheel of the year learning about and working with our Sun Signs, Moon Signs, Ascending Signs, and what it means to be on the cusp.

I incorporate stones mined from all over the world to enhance your strengths and strengthen your shadow aspects. That’s right, as much as we all try to hide our shadow side it is there like a white elephant in the room. Shadow work is some of the hardest work we will ever have to do. In order for us to evolve into our higher self or sign, we have to work to balance and honor all light and shadow aspects in our personal lives.
Understanding what your shadow side is, is a very personal journey that I look forward to helping you on. Finding a balance and shedding light to those areas can help bring you peace and self forgiveness. It is truly the start on the road to inner peace and since none of our roads are the same, why should all of our Malas be? Your peace is different than mine and my shadows are different than yours, which means we dig into astrology for this. I use your birth natal chart to build your Mala using your sun sign, moon sign, and rising signs to find your strengths and shadows. The requirements for this would be knowing your birth date, place of birth, and time of birth (if you are not sure of the specifics, this is on most birth certificates). Limited tools kits will be available for those that sign up first. The cost of the kit will be $20. The kit will include the four stones that hold Leo’s energy. I would encourage you to purchase the kit as I will be teaching and meditating with the tools throughout the class

Join me in the wheel around the year learning astrology and working with gemstones to help you evolve into your higher self. Learn how to understand and work with the energy of your children, spouse, and co- workers better.

I am so exited to journey into the astrological realm where together we will learn from each other and find peace in areas where there is conflict and misunderstanding, together we will find self-forgiveness and self- love, and together we will find a better understanding of ourselves and our soul purpose.

What is a Natal Chart?
Your birth chart is all about you- your potential, talents, struggles, and weaknesses. How the world sees you and how you see the world.

What is 108?
There are so many reasons for the 108 being significant mala’s. Join my class and learn how 108 speaks to you.

Fun fact – In astrology there are 12 houses and 9 planets 12×9=108.

How do I choose the stones?
I break down your birth natal chart into 3 categories. Your sun sign, it rules your personality- it’s your soul. Your moon sign, it rules your emotional core- it’s your heart. Last but not least your rising sign, it rules your outer appearance- it’s your book cover. I take both strengths and shadows from all three and incorporate them into a self healing Mala or stone kit

Please bring a copy of your receipt as your proof of of purchase. All updates to classes will be updated on the Facebook event page.

Stone Kit

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