Astro Mala


I break down your birth natal chart into 3 categories. Your sun sign, it rules your personality- it’s your soul. Your moon sign, it rules your emotional core- it’s your heart. Last but not least your rising sign, it rules your outer appearance- it’s your book cover. I take both strengths and shadows from all three and incorporate them into a self healing Mala.I believe working with your own energy is very important in self work. I intuitively pick out 2 stones from each of these signs to balance your shadow and 2 stones from each sign to enhance your strengths. I use your birthstone for your guru stone (the large stone at the bottom). The other beads used in-between your sun, moon, and rising is sandalwood. Sandalwood is a very sacred wood and can be anointed with essential oils. Quality is a must.. I import these stones from mines all over the world. What is your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign? If you have never had your natal chart created I would be happy to run it for you with the purchase of this mala. All I would need is your exact time of birth, day, year, month, location, male/female.  If you are unsure of your time it is normally located on your birth certificate. The time of birth does affect your rising sign.

All silver on this Mala is .925 silver and imported in from Italy.

As of October 5th anyone interested in ordering a Mala: I will be happy to run your chart for you and email you the stones that I have intuitively picked out. These stones are picked to work best with your energy. You will also receive a certificate with these meanings.



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