Addie- Glass Cremation Jewelry


Sterling Silver

10mm stones

Each stone is handcrafted indiviually in my studio creating a one of a kind stone. For a holographic look add on the holographic effect in pretty extras or in the link below.

Peaceful Preservations



Please read the following regarding color selection

I have many colors and I am constantly adding new all the time. Please take a look at my profile (Facebook) page where I have created albums for every color I offer. If you see a color you like but it is not offered in the menu options please feel free to write it to me in the notes at check out.  Click here to view portfolio of colors.

Ann Nicole’s new, memorial jewelry is made from a crystal clear glass. Each stone is handcrafted indiviually in my studio. Your keepsake cremations, colored crystal clear glass, and a crystal clear glass are layered and melted creating a one of a kind stone. After a slow cooling process the stone becomes very hard and durable.
Each and every stone will be unique, no two will be a like. When the glass melts it takes on its own look some say it looks like a galaxy with twinkling starts, some say the clear blue sky. For a holographic look add on the holographic effect in pretty extras or in the link below.

Link to Hologram effect: Click Here

Link to Glow Pigment: Click Here


Once you have placed your order, I will mail you a kit for the memorial cremations along with a return shipping label. A teaspoon of ashes is all that is needed. Each piece takes 3-6 weeks to complete. Once the stone has been created you will receive a certificate along with your beautiful pendant. However some choose to not wait for the kit to save time. If you choose to not use my kit, please leave me a message in the notes to seller and please enclose the cremations in two sealed bags and release all of the air to ensure the ashes are secure (make sure to label the ashes with order details). You can mail to:

Amber Rutledge
412 Fulton Street
Heyworth, Il. 61745

Thank you for interest in my Cremation Jewelry. This is an important purchase and I would be honored to create a wearable remembrance.

I offers subtle and unique memorials made from REAL GLASS that is handcrafted in my studio, allowing you to always remember. Through my custom glass blending process, my jewelry allows for cremations and jewelry to become a beautiful unique piece to wear and pass down from generation to generation.

My Facebook page is a great place to read more of my reviews. I take pride in my work and extreme care with all of my customers. Every glass mixture I create and mix is different and every finished piece is unique. It is an honor to provide something that becomes so meaningful to so many. Although I understand this can be difficult, I personally walk through the process with all my customers. If you still have questions or concerns after reading my reviews, please contact me directly.




5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Glass Color

Clear, Black, Aqua Violet, Raku Jitterbug, Chapel WIndow, Teal, Chintz, Haiku, Trickster, Mint, Fleeting Beauty, Violet Storm, Groovy Swirl, Emerald Green, Violet Peacock, Pink Lipstick, Fairy Dust, Catalina Blue, Peridot, White Cloud, Black Tie, Enchanted, Rio Nights, Gold Coast, Rose Quartz, Amazonia, Coy Koi, Yellow Canary, Jewels Verne, Dark Cherry, Egyptian Blue, Aqua, Orange, Cobalt Blue, Tawny White, Peony Pink, Sea Green, Georgia Peach, Starry Night, Fire Red, Ruby Red, Lavender, Gray, Iris Gold, Flora, Citrine, Spring Green, Kelly Green, Opal Gray, White Smoke, Apricot, Opal Blue Gray, Champaign, Limerick, Violet Pink, Emerald Glacier, Navy,


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