If your questions are not answered here, please contact us at Ann Nicole. I am happy to help!

Please note that I am no longer able to notify each person when the cremations arrive. I will provide a tracking number for you to be able to check on them. Thank you!

Online orders ONLY! Your order number is how I keep everyones orders attached to their flowers or ashes.

Yes!-Take the flower petals off the flower. I need petals or leaves only, no stems.
-Layer them between dry paper towels, or paper.
-DO NOT PLACE IN ANY PLASTIC! . I can not use flowers that have mold or mildew on them.
-Put in a paper or cardboard mailing envelope or small box.

Each piece is handmade by me and only me, taking between 5-8 weeks. The Holiday season can be more to complete. If you are having a ring resized it may take a little longer.
If you need your keepsake by a specific date, please contact me so I can make arrangements.
Please note during the Holiday Season, my production time may take longer and and I do require a fee to guarantee a specific date for delivery.

Unfortunately, you must place your order before sending me the ashes or flowers. Your order number is really important. It is how I keep them from mixing with others and how I file them with what you want created.

Yes! I can use fresh petals, or petals that are 100 years old. I will need you to give me the original color and instructions in the message box below each product. I have a special compound that I can tint to help bring back the color of your flowers.

This depends on the design you pick out. Most of the time between 2-3 petals. If you have smaller petals flowers please send more.
Most of my listing specifies how many petals you need. Leaves need less unless you are using grass, or a small fern.

I would be happy to work with you up to the first 6 months of purchase. Damage due to improper care such as water or chemical damage may require additional cost. Please contact me if you have any concerns about your jewelry.


If you are ordering a glass or  fusion pendant and or fusion ring, I would say yes!  As for glass rings, please remember this is glass and our hands take a lot of abuse that we aren’t always aware of.

This is very normal. All ashes are different and when melted in glass some give off more carbon than others.  This does not hurt your stone, but adds character.  It is air from your loved ones <3  If you are unhappy with the bubble I would be happy to “try” and re melt it for a fee and see if I can squeeze it out, but I can not guaranteed it will go away in fact you may get another one to pop up.


-Do not submerge in liquid or use harsh chemicals.
-Try not to get wet. I do seal them but they are flowers
-Perfume can be hard on the skin so definitely do not spray your flower jewelry.
-Polish by rubbing with a soft cloth, and use a polishing cloth for the silver
You should receive a care instructions sheet with your purchase.

No worries, I know this is a difficult time for you. I will send you a kit. Kits go out once a week. It will come with prepaid postage to mail back. However If you would like to get the process going faster, please let me know you will be sending them and follow the instructions listed.  I only need 1/2 teaspoon of ashes. Please place them in a ziplock back and place that bag in another so that the ashes are double bagged.  Please label that bag with your name that is on the order form and order number NOT PAYPAL invoice. This is very important and will effect the time frame your keepsake is finished if labeled wrong.

You can mail them to :

Amber Rutledge

412 Fulton Street Heyworth, IL 61745


I only need 1/2 of a teaspoon. Any left over I will mail back. Please refer to the above question on how to do this.

I send a large enough jar in the kit for 5 necklaces. Just let me know at checkout and this will save you money because we can fit it all in one kit instead of 5.

To start, I have two methods I can do with most rings  1. Glass and 2. Fusion


the strongest and most durable settings I offer, is the tube settings for glass.  Tube settings allow the glass to be protected from all angels. The glass sits down in the setting allowing it protection from bumps and bangs. The tube then securely holds the stone in place.The next best thing to tube settings, is prong setting and the more prongs the better. Please remember if you order a ring in glass that it will be more fragile than an opal.  Just because our loved ones remains are in it does not make it indestructible or strong like a diamond. Please keep that in mind if you plan on wearing a ring everyday! If this is something you want to wear everyday, I would do a glass pendant or a fusion ring.


Fusion is also a great choice. Once the fusion process has been set,  It will not go anywhere it fuses to the setting, however take care not to swim or get near chemicals. The Annie ring is a great example of a beautiful classic ring that frames the cremation stone wonderfully and I highly recommend bands without prongs such as this one to use the Fusion method for extra security. Please email me if you have any questions on a specific ring.

If you have purchase a ring and are unhappy with the style or color and would like to change it, there will be a $50 style change fee. If the ring you are changing it to is more expensive, you will also be charged the difference in price.  For example if you purchased a silver ring and want to change it to gold, you will get charged the price difference between the two plus the $50.00.  If you are exchanging your ring for one of equal value, you will only get charged the style change fee of $50.00.